Digital Commerce 360’s November Strategy Insights Report analyzes the way leading retailers are creating top-notch online shopping experiences — and the results from their upgrades.

This report includes the following in-depth articles, written by Digital Commerce 360 editors:

  • Online shoppers want a fast site and their input to count” shares specific examples about how merchants took shopper feedback on the customer experience — such as a slow loading site or not enough product selection — and turned their ecommerce sites into better shopping experiences with higher conversion rates.
  • The data-focused story “Customer experience plays a critical role in conversion” reveals insights on what consumers say are the site features that make them convert, as well as insights on which features retailers say they are investing in.
  • How retailers continue to personalize with fewer ways to track shoppers” shares insights from retailers on the different tactics they use to personalize their websites.
  • How top retailers create the best customer service” shows readers which site features Top 1000 retailers offer for others to benchmark themselves against. For example, 80.3% of Top 1000 retailers offer video on their site, but only 1.8% offer live streaming.

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